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Looking for ancestors of John and Mary (Grant) Duignan from Gortletteragh, St. Mary church, county Letrim Ireland - children Patrick (born 1880), Mary Ann (1882), John (1884), and Honor (1886). My grandmother went by name Anna T. Deignan (either Mary Ann or Honor). She came Rhode Island when 17 with only $5 given by an aunt probably in 1903. While she was very funny and social she never talked about Ireland, communicated with relatives in Ireland, she said she would go back when they built a bridge! She married Frank Kist from Cincinnati, Ohio.
Nancy O'Reilly <>
USA - Monday, September 14, 2015 at 14:29:13 (EDT)

Hi, My mum is Sarah Degnan, grandparents were Patrick and Sarah Degnan and great grandparents were Patrick and Catherine Degnan. I'm originally from Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. My mum still lives there as well as my Uncles:Joseph Degnan and Jim Degnan. My other Uncles have sadly passed away: Patrick Degnan, John Degnan and Richard Degnan.
Marion Penney <>
Ripon, UK, UK - Friday, June 26, 2015 at 04:07:00 (EDT)

Great site but the multitude of spellings are crazy! My grandfather came from Roscommon where he was a farm labourer to work in the coal mines in the MIdlands. I don't know much more other than he was a Patrick but I could press my Dad for more details. We've no connections there now but a growing UK legacy!
Paul DIegnan <>
nuneaton, Uk - Sunday, May 03, 2015 at 14:32:44 (EDT)

Searching for Catherine or Katherine Dignan also known as Kate DEIGNAN Dignan spellings various ways in records. Kate was born in Ireland 1852 (some records show a year before or a year after 1852) Kate arrived in United states in 1872 as per the pittsfield, berkshire, massachusetts, usa 1910 usa federal census. She married james connors on January 28, 1871 in pittsfield, Massachusetts. Her parents are Richard DIGNAN and Jane B. As it is Noted on her marriage record Kate died in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in 1932 and is burried in st. Joseph cemetary Pittsfield, Massachusetts Any help with finding Kate's ancestors is greatly appreciated. Please contact me directly at
Judee <>
Alfred, Me USA - Thursday, April 02, 2015 at 10:59:32 (EDT)

Looking for my father. Michael james diegnan born approx 1949. We have not met since 1968. A large gap missing from my life and you have 2 grandsons your unaware of and could be proud of.
ricky sims <>
nottingham, notts Uk - Monday, March 09, 2015 at 18:30:02 (EDT)

I'm thinking Degnin is related degnan, researching
ian degnin <>
brighton, sussex USA - Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 18:27:34 (EST)

any body no wer the curly hair came from lol????
ivan degnan <>
carrickfergus, northern ireland - Friday, January 09, 2015 at 00:58:36 (EST)

Hello Deignan's, I am doing some research on the Deignan family tree. Can anyone help me. Thank You...Bill Deignan
Bill Deignan <>
Tewksbury, MA. USA - Saturday, December 27, 2014 at 05:07:01 (EST)

greetings...any info about Patrick and Anne Degnan origin in Ireland... arrived in Providence RI....1858-1860 daughter Alice (m. crosswell) possible an irish stray - England??? Thanks
priscilla degnan <>
reno, nv USA - Saturday, December 13, 2014 at 17:09:54 (EST)

hello everyone,my dad Patrick joseph duignan was born in ballanimore co lietrim,28/11/1915.died boxing day 2005,i think he had relatives,in parkfield road , Willesden nw London,he never told me anythink about his family to be honest
patrick duignan <>
oxford, england - Tuesday, December 09, 2014 at 15:20:17 (EST)

Hi My family came to Australia. My Grant grandfather was William Peter Deignan. I believe he had a brother named Bernard Deignan & one brother went to America.
Julie Anne Thompson(Nee Deignan) <juliethompson54@hotmail .com>
USA - Saturday, December 06, 2014 at 17:36:20 (EST)

Here is another variation in spelling--my grandfather was Jack Deignon from Scotland-- His father was John from Cork in Ireland.
Lynda Deacon <>
Lambton Shores, ON Canada - Monday, September 22, 2014 at 00:27:30 (EDT)

Just found this great site. I am currently researching the Deignan family form Roscommon and Westmeath. Three Deignan brothers fought in World War 1; Michael, Jack and Patrick. Jack survived and emigrated US to become Deputy Chief Fire Officer in Hartford, Connecticut city. I have loads of information on this family whose mother was Julia Dalton Moate, Westmeath and father was Michael Deignan Kilfree, Co. Roscommon. The family might have changed the spelling to Dignun or dignum. Joe Flanagan
joe flanagan <>
Westmeath, Ireland - Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 18:04:40 (EDT)

By the way Peggy, my Grandpa always insisted that we pronounce out last name, DIG NAN. I won't be able to visit this blog often so anyone is welcome to email me @
Michael Duignan <>
Chicago, il USA - Saturday, September 13, 2014 at 22:56:26 (EDT)

Hello cousins from all around. My name is Michael Duignan and live in Chicago. My father's name is also Michael and his father's name was Jack(John) from Carrick on Shannon, Leitrim. He came from a huge family of which most still live there on the farm. My great uncle Jeremiah came to America with my grandpa and settled on the side south while we settled on the north side. All of us US-born Duignans still live in Chicago and are always happy to meet new family.
Michael Duignan <>
Chicago, il USA - Saturday, September 13, 2014 at 22:53:18 (EDT)

We are the Digenan's and pronouce it as 2 syllables.--Dig nan. We are Irish and there is in" Ulysses" by James Joyce, the bar named the same in Dublin. We came to US when Digenan priest was lonely and wanted family to move to USA. He was in St. Joseph MO. Some settled in Chicago. There were many children: lots of Johns, Patrick, "Duke", Mary's, etc. My mother was a Digenan.
Peggy Jenkinson <>
San Diego, CA USA - Saturday, July 26, 2014 at 22:10:43 (EDT)

Whoever would have thought that a two syllable last name would be so difficult to track down. Over the years the name Duignan has undergone changes in my family. My family came from Cuppanagh in County Sligo and that was in the Barony of Coolavin and the parish of Killaraght. My great grandfather and grandmother were Charles and Bridget Dwyer Duignan. Their children were: Catherine, Margaret, Charles, Peter my grandfather and Pat.At various times Peter and Pat spelled the name Deignan and Degnan. Peter married Kate Durkan from Bohola, Mayo in 1899 at the Church of the Gesu in Phila, Pa.....I have used Ancestry and Find My Past at great expense to find any information about his siblings who remained in Ireland. The only info I have gleaned at this late date in my life is that his older brother Charles married and had two daughters who immigrated to California and may have lived in Walnut Creek in the fifties after residing first in San Francisco. Their names were Anna and Elizabeth one of whom married a man named Connelly (sp)and lived in Walnut Creek. I have searched CA records but can find no info concerning them. If anyone has a scintilla of info about my family, please let me know..Thank you all so much and good luck in your personal pursuits as well.
Bob Degnan <>
west chester, Pa USA - Saturday, June 14, 2014 at 12:04:26 (EDT)

Hello Deignans! Hope this message finds you well. I have been doing this family tree for ages and am finally making some headway! I was wondering/hoping/praying some of you may help - i am looking for information on a CHRISTOPHER OR DANIEL DEIGNAN - living in Belfast and married to a Mary Kerr (was born Mary Reilly -> then became Mary Kerr -> then Mary Deignan. I believe they lived in Clondara Parade Belfast - ANY HELP YOU CAN OFFER WOULD BE AMAZING! Hope you are all keeping well! Thanks Kristian
Kristian Holbrook Rogers <>
Belfast, Ireland - Sunday, June 08, 2014 at 16:20:56 (EDT)

looking for Ann Diegan born Dublin c 1821. Married Thomas Adams in Sydney Australia April 1842. She could not read/write. Roman Catholic. Thomas was a wheelwright and born London 1811. They had 8 children by 1857.
Suellen Hazell <>
Sydney, NSW Australia - Thursday, May 08, 2014 at 05:43:04 (EDT)

looking for Ann Diegan born Dublin c 1820
Suellen Hazell <>
sydney, nsw Australia - Thursday, May 08, 2014 at 05:20:23 (EDT)

HELLO all you Deignan folks, martin here from pulboy ballaghaderren co roscommon, brusna was my school for the couple of years i went, i know my grnadfather was married three times,,,yes,, and all his wives died young,,i live in dublin capital city of ireland,, But hello where ever you are kindest regards martin deignan
martin deignan <>
dublin, USA - Monday, May 05, 2014 at 15:34:40 (EDT)

Mohill or thereabouts. My Great Grandfather was John Duignan and he married Catherine Keheran (or Keeheran) in Gortletteragh RC church, Leirim, on 20 Feb 1873. John's father was Michael (Mick) Duignan and his mother was Mary (?). They were from Currycramph, Drumhirk. I'd like to know Mary's maiden name. Catherine's father was John Keheren. I'd like to know her mother's name. They came from Breanross. Anyone out there come across them in their own family tree?
Michael Duignan <>
Scotland - Saturday, May 03, 2014 at 08:21:16 (EDT)

Mohill or thereabouts. My Great Grandfather was John Duignan and he married Catherine Keheran (or Keeheran) in Gortletteragh RC church, Leirim, on 20 Feb 1873. John's father was Michael (Mick) Duignan and his mother was Mary (?). They were from Currycramph, Drumhirk. I'd like to know Mary's maiden name. Catherine's father was John Keheren. I'd like to know her mother's name. They came from Breanross. Anyone out there come across them in their own family tree?
Michael Duignan
Scotland - Saturday, May 03, 2014 at 08:07:10 (EDT)

My grandad is Martin Deignan married to Mary Deignan(O'Grady) moved to manchester from Roscommon? Martin has a sister Ann (lives in Milton Keynes)? Also had family in Bolton with children Sean & Finbar my fathers cousins? My dad Raymond Deignan has a sister Fiona, now ( Breslin). I have two brothers and a sister Martin, Raymond and Siobhan Deignan. Grandparents now live in north wales but the rest are still in Manchester
Michael James Deignan <>
Manchester , UK - Friday, April 11, 2014 at 18:33:49 (EDT)

My grandmother was Mary Ann Degnan believed to be the daughter of Richard and Margaret Degnan of Ireland. Richard and Margaret immigrated to New York where Mary Ann was born. She married Samuel Little and lived in Albany NY. She gave birth to seven children who lived beyond the birth.
Patrick J. Little <>
Saline, Michigan USA - Sunday, February 23, 2014 at 16:54:54 (EST)

My grandmother was Mary Ann Degnan believed to be the daughter of Richard and Margaret Degnan of Ireland.
Patrick J. Little <>
Saline, Michigan USA - Sunday, February 23, 2014 at 16:38:48 (EST)

My Wife Elizabeth Clare, previously Deignan, was born in Cunnamulla qld. Her father was Bernard Deignan son of John Deignan the son of Bernard Deignan who married Sarah Jane Glover in 1871
Kenneth Charles EBELING <>
Gold Coast, Qld AUSTRALIA - Wednesday, January 08, 2014 at 00:31:18 (EST)

I asking for help - My Great Great Granddad is Charles Degnan Born 1848 Leitrim, Ireland married Ann Fahy Born 1849 Ireland , they had Mary Degnan 1874 , Catherine Degnan 1876 , James Degnan 1877 , Hannah Degnan 1878 , All four children born in Chesterfield England , I believe Charles Degnan had a Bother Richard born 1843 ,
Patrick William Degnan <>
Leicester, Leicestershire United Kingdom - Friday, December 27, 2013 at 06:08:27 (EST)

My great grand mother was Mary Seery who married Eugene Deignan after the death of her first husband James Seery, Chicago May was a sister of Eugene Deignan.
James Brady <>
Edenmore, Ireland - Wednesday, December 25, 2013 at 13:55:14 (EST)

My great great grandmother was Mary Diegnan from County Limerick in Ireland and died in 1880, she married James Anderson, would love to hear from other Diegnans from Limerick
Scott Anderson <>
Glasgow, USA - Sunday, August 18, 2013 at 05:54:02 (EDT)

Greeetings, I am originally from Sligo, my mother is a Deignan from High St/ Union Place in Sligo town. Anyone out there related to me????
James Conlon <>
Ann Arbor, MI USA - Friday, August 02, 2013 at 16:51:21 (EDT)

After the death of my great-grandfather, my great-grandmother married a Mr. "Degman" (?), of Stuart, Iowa. His son, Osborn was a hero in the Spanish-American war. Years ago, I ran across an article in an old Harpers Weekly about Osborn "Degman", and his role in the war. I copied it, and ultimately gave it to my uncle Osborn's family. He was, of course, named for Osborn "Degman". No telling where that article is now, however, all my life I heard about Osborn, the hero. The American Legion hall in Stuart, Iowa, is named after him. I visited great-grandma Grimm-Degman's grave in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Calif. There is more than one location. Think this one was in Pasadena. I have wondered why she went from Iowa to Calif. Maybe Osborn is buried there, also. Don't know if he was Wellington or Warren. Just thought I'd run his name thru Google, and found this site. The Legion is Stuart, Iowa may have more info on the family. Worth a try.
Nancy Quillen <>
USA - Thursday, June 27, 2013 at 16:28:54 (EDT)

Welcome to Summer! I am seeking information on John & Ann (Flinn) Deignan from Lake Geneva, WI. Can you help?
James Heydt <>
Loveland, CO USA - Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at 13:05:26 (EDT)

My Grandmother was a Deignan and I am trying to find out where the family came from in Ireland.
Elizabeth McQuade <>
Scotland - Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 08:01:24 (EDT)

Katherine Deignan, from Nobber, County Meath, is my Great Grandmother, her mothers name was Margaret Connel, . Katherine married William Wells of England. Katherine was born in 1874. Came to U.S when she was a teenager. If anyone could help me out please email me.
Ed Murphy <>
Cherry Hill , N.j. USA - Sunday, March 31, 2013 at 09:07:09 (EDT)

I am trying to locate the family of Mary Deignan of Seattle, Washington. She was in the Navy Nurse Corps during the Korean War and was one of 14 nurses who survived the sinking of the USS Benevolence Hospital Ship near San Francisco Bay on August 25, 1950. My website is the Korean War Educator at
Lynnita Brown <>
Tuscola, IL USA - Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 17:03:42 (EDT)

my great grandfather was william peter deignan & my grandfather was william peter deignan born cobar had 4 sister & 2 bothers all moved to Lithgow nsw, my father was clive allan (mick)deignan Mt Grandfather marriged as stella campbell from mudgee in cobar
julie thompson <>
sth windsor, nsw Australia - Saturday, February 16, 2013 at 22:50:37 (EST)

Looking for records of a John Duignan who emigrated to Adelaide, Aus in 1850. Was married to Jane and they lived in Co Cavan, Ireland.
Wayne Duignan <>
Melbourne, Victoria Australia - Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 19:54:50 (EST)

Seeking information on ancestry of my Grandfather's family, from County Roscommon, DIEGNAN is the spelling..
Joe Rydarowski <>
USA - Monday, January 14, 2013 at 21:28:32 (EST)

Hello to all and Merry Christmas for 2012
Paul Dignon <>
Adelaide, SA Australia - Sunday, December 16, 2012 at 07:20:15 (EST)

Hello all.... I am a deignan, my father , was Michael Deignan whom lived in felling, Tyne & wear UK.. He had 3 brothers and 3 sisters, Margret, Mary and Rosa, John, Joe and Gerrard, who all lived in the north east of England. My Aunty Margret has just died......her married name was dickson, bold on colliery north east of dads mum and dad originally came from limerick Ireland......
Maria Veronica Deignan <Maria.deign>
Egypt - Tuesday, December 04, 2012 at 13:08:57 (EST)

My great-grandfather was Martin Deignan, originally from nr. Loughglynn, Co. Roscommon but ended up in Saintfield Co. Down where he was the police sergant until his retirement in 1925. On his retirement he bought a pub on the main street in Saintfield, it had DEIGNANS inscribed across the front of it, and he kept this until around 1950. The family that bought it off him still ran it as a pub until very recently, sadly when I passed it this week I noticed it had closed. Apparently my great-grandfather's police cap and black uniform was still in the attic of the house above the pub as recently as a few years ago!!
Robert Deignan <>
Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim - Sunday, August 26, 2012 at 19:29:26 (EDT)

Hi from Martin in Malahide, Co Dublin, Ireland. Our family previously lived in Clontarf, Dublin and before that Westport, Co Mayo, for about a 1,000 years as far as we know.....
Martin Deignan <>
Dublin, Dublin Ireland - Saturday, August 11, 2012 at 06:29:43 (EDT)

30,000th visitor! Hello from all the Deignan's in Malvern Pa!
Thomas Carroll Deignan <>
malvern, pa USA - Tuesday, July 24, 2012 at 21:00:17 (EDT)

Searching for Jeffery T Deignan USNavy SA served aboard USS York County LST 1175 1959-60 in Operations with Joe Sharland. We need you ,SHIPS REUNION see ships web site Tim Cook web PO Ken Robinson reunion committee
Ken Robinson <>
Midlothian , Va USA - Sunday, July 15, 2012 at 21:09:17 (EDT)

Trying to trace Agnes Duignan/Deignan, emigrated to US from Drumcarey, Co. Cavan, probably late 1920s or early 1930s; she was a first cousin of my father. I understand she married in the US and had 3 children (possibly 2 daughters, 1 son).
Fiona Duignan <>
Dublin, Ireland - Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 13:47:28 (EDT)

Great website! Looking for descendents of John and Ann Deignan/Dagnan from Lake Geneva.
James Heydt <>
CO USA - Monday, April 16, 2012 at 14:15:50 (EDT)

My Great Grand Father is Charles J Deignan. He may have come directly from Ireland to New York then accepted a farm job in Madison County Iowa (Patterson) He married Ora Belle (Fort). Both are buried at McGinnis Cemetery, Patterson Iowa. Their daughter, Erma Emily Deignan married Herber E Fox of Winterset, Iowa. Herbert Fox & Erma Deignan Fox are my grandparents. Any additional information on the Deignan family would be greatly appreciated.
Paul Fox <>
Mission Viejo, Ca USA - Friday, April 13, 2012 at 12:12:34 (EDT)

My G/Grandfather Michael John Duigan said he came from Dublin where he was born in 1843 before he migrated to Australia as a teenager. Cant find any trace of his birth or shipping record. He died in Mt Gambier south Australia.
Mike Shone <>
auckland, New Zealand - Sunday, April 08, 2012 at 23:25:24 (EDT)

Hi My Dignams family from Drogheda Co Louth Ireland here is the website to tell you all about them
David <>
Dublin, Ire Ireland - Saturday, March 17, 2012 at 19:03:26 (EDT)

Hello my grandfathers name was Thomas degnin. As you can see the surname is spelt differently. Many years ago he told me the name came from Spain, then Ireland via the armada when sailors where shipwrecked on the west coast. I wish I had asked more questions when he and his siblings where still alive. Hope this info may help any one. I would like to find out more about the name.
Karen du plessis <>
Edinburgh, Scotland - Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at 06:05:32 (EST)

Hello... I am now living in PA but I was born and raised in Staten Island, NY.....The Deignan's out there came straight from Ireland in the 1920's....My Grandpa's name was Leo Deignan....Just wanted to say hello!!!
Nancy E. Deignan-Wolf <>
East Stroudsburg, PA USA - Saturday, January 28, 2012 at 11:23:34 (EST)

Just coming back to see how many more Deignans have visited lately! Hello everyone!!!! Kimberly Deignan-Seibert
Kimberly Deignan-Siebert <>
Grover Beach, Ca USA - Friday, November 11, 2011 at 01:38:51 (EST)

I'm a descendant of Osborn Warren Deignan, son of John Wellington and Julia Osborne. Hello, cyber-cousins!
Carole <>
Vancouver, WA USA - Monday, November 07, 2011 at 21:59:41 (EST)

Hi Peter...your g/mother Elizabeth Anne was my Great g/father Bernards sister, their parents were Bernard Deignan and Sarah Jane Glover...see earlier posting for more detail...I have photos of Bernard and Sarah Jane taken around 1900...rgds
mark peacock <>
brisbane, queensland australia - Friday, October 21, 2011 at 11:40:17 (EDT)

Anyway ,we come from a wonderful country,the country that the film Braveheart was made.Ireland (I seen the location, the Wicklow mountains,....not Stirling in Scotland where it actually happened), Irelands history is amazing ,go and see the "book of Kells that is History!!.(Dublin Trinity College)Bye.
Jim Degnan <>
Glasgow, SCOTLAND - Thursday, September 22, 2011 at 22:09:01 (EDT)

checking out further it seems Peregrine may have come from Belgium...near France, so the plot thickens.Where Did we come from.
Jim Degnan <>
Glasgow, SCOTLAND - Thursday, September 22, 2011 at 21:58:09 (EDT)

Peregrine Ó Duibhgeannain From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Peregrine O'Duignan (fl. 1627-1636) was an Irish clergyman and historian. Born Cú Coigriche mac Tuathal Ó Duibhgeannain, presumably about or after 1590, his name was Latinized to Pereginus (anglicized Peregrine) when he took holy orders in the Franciscan Order based at Leuven. Cú Coigriche (also Cuchogry) means "hound [or hero] of the neighbouring [or foreign] land." His family, the Clan Uí Dhuibhgeannain, were professional historians from Annaly, many of whom had crossed the Shannon and practised their art in Connacht. Here the Ó Duibhgeannains set up a bardic college at Kilronan, near Lough Key in northern Roscommon. Nothing is known of his life and activities until he began work with Cú Choigcríche Ó Cléirigh and Fearfeasa Ó Maoilchonaire under the direction of Brother Mícheál Ó Cléirigh about 1627. In that year Ó Cléirigh was sent from his mother house at Leuven to Ireland to collect Irish literary, historical and chronological material in danger of being lost. These material were assembled into a number of compilations, the most famous being the Annals of the Four Masters. Nothing is known of O'Duignan's life after 1636, the year the annals was completed. It is entirely likely that he returned to Leuven with Brother Michael. However, a slight possibility exists that he remained in Ireland, as a copy of the annals was being used in the town of Galway by Dubhaltach MacFhirbhisigh in the late 1640s. It may not be coincidental that a kinsman of Ó Duibhgeannain, Daibhidh Ó Duibhghennain was living and working in Connemara at least as early as 1651. More than this cannot with certainty be said. [edit]See also hI, Further to my history rant,here is Wikepedia info of the famous Peregrine I noted in my history of of our Clan.Think I need to delve a bit deeper. Jim Degnan
Jim Degnan <>
Glasgow, UK - Thursday, September 22, 2011 at 21:50:17 (EDT)

I actually have the history of the Degnan's (and the real surname). The Irish name Degnan Is an orthographic corruption of the name Deignan.The name is a regional variation of DUIGENAN, which is the Angliciad form of the Gaelic sept name "O Duibhgeannain.The sept (possibly sepl) are located in east Connacht, The family were bards and ollavs to the leading septs in Ireland.In Medieval times the ollav was a professor or learned man who was master in some art or branch of learning,while the bard was a storyteller or poet. Both these positions were important in medieval Ireland when the storyteller was the main source of entertainment and the pursuit of knowledge was all important.The family had a Bardic school in Co.Leitrim, while their lands were in Roscommon.The name is still commonly associated with these areas. The surname is recorded in the form DUIGENAN in many medieval records,for instance Perigrine 'O'Duigenan was one of the writers of the " Annals of the Four Masters" which is the main record of Irish Medieval life . Magnus"O" Duigenan was a compiler of the "The Book of Ballymote". The name also appears as Duigenane, and DEIGNAN. DEGNAN appears to be an American varient of the name. Further to my previous addition,I am a bit confused to why my variant (DEGNAN) is an American varient.Anyway hope this helps all you varients out there.
Jim Degnan <candegnan@btinternet.comg>
Glasgow, USA - Thursday, September 22, 2011 at 21:14:45 (EDT)

Hi, trying to find my roots...Degnan is an an American twist on the Irish name.Though I have traced my people to Roscommon and Sligo in Western Ireland (never been further west than Dublin) Wife is Wallace and my old mum is Cluney Macpherson of the clan Cluny of Strathspey,i.e the wolf of Badenoch was our Clan Leader during Culloden
Jim Degnan <>
glasgow, uk Glasgow SCOTLAND - Thursday, September 22, 2011 at 20:24:49 (EDT)

My grandmother was Elizabeth Ann Deignan, daughter of Bernard and Sarah Jane.
Peter Halford <>
Cairns, Qld Australia - Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 08:07:06 (EDT)

Hi we’re a family of Deignan’s living in Hampshire, England. My grandfarther, John Deignan, was from Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim, Ireland. He travelled to England in search of work, and on foot made his way from the port of Holly Head in Wales to Barrow in north west England to work as a ship builder. By the time my farther Ben came along the family were running a guesthouse and bar on the outskirts of town. Barrow suffered greatly during the war, with the shipyards being bombed frequently. On one raid my father and his brother Brian were stood on the roof of the outhouse with their toy wooden guns, and pretended to shoot at the low flying bombers as they hedge-hoped on their way back from bombing the town. This particular German pilot returned fire, and demolished the chimney stacks of the house right above children’s heads. My understanding of the origins of the name Deignan is that although Irish, it is originally French; that way back when there were royalty in Ireland, Deignans were members of the royal court as musicians and poets. I’ve been to the USA twice to work, and love seeing that there are so many American cousins.
Gerard Deignan <>
Andover, UK - Monday, July 25, 2011 at 08:11:31 (EDT)

My family Genealogy search needs your help to find people with the last name Deignan who resided in or near Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA. Maria Deignan is listed as a sponsor for Mary Jane Connors. Mary Jane Connor's mother was Catherine "Kate" Deignan (Kate's married name was Connors). Kate's father's name is John Deignan listed on her death record. Would anyone know more about the Deignan family in Western Massachusetts: Please Email me at Thank you! We have very little information on our Deignan family tree with your help, we hope to add our leaves!
Judee <>
somewhere, me USA - Sunday, July 24, 2011 at 16:44:20 (EDT)

My grandfather Joseph Deignan died in the 1930's in Long Island NY. Wife was Mary McCarthy. I am trying to trace backward from there and would appreciate any assistance.
Timothy Michael Deignan <>
Lakewood, CO USA - Saturday, July 16, 2011 at 00:49:26 (EDT)

Hello all Deignans and Duignans. I am trying to trace my grand uncle who emigrated to the US after 1911. He was Eugene Duignan (b1881) and his wife was Mary Deignan(b1868. (as spelt iin the 1911 census)She was a widow and her name originally was Seery,Some of their kids went also Patrick (b1906)Francis Joseph (b1905) and Brigid (b1903). They were all from Edenmore, Ballinamuck Co lONGFORD
Peter Duignan <>
Dublin, Ireland USA - Saturday, June 11, 2011 at 10:24:21 (EDT)

This is soooo cool! I never knew how many Deignans there were! I live in Illinois.... my cousins the Deignans live in winona... any familiarity there? Well it's still very cool to see all these families with the same last name :) I thought Deignan was a very rare last name. Really opens up your view of population... Anyway cool to see :)
madi deignan <>
woodstock, il USA - Sunday, April 03, 2011 at 11:40:38 (EDT)

It's been 6 years since I first posted and nothing is new except my Dad informed me yesterday he ran into a cousin three times removed. Apparently, Grandpa Perry had a cousin whose son's son adopted a daughter; my Dad ran into her yesterday in Madison. Might help fill in some gaps?!
Stephen Deignan <>
new holstein, wi USA - Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 20:50:06 (EDT)

We're the Deignans in Louisville, KY. Parents moved from Scranton, PA to Louisville in 1951 with GE. Father James Charles Deignan II was born in Syracuse, NY. Mother Mary Catherine Flynn is of Scranton. Don't know much about our history in Syracuse and before.
Michael Deignan
Louisville, KY USA - Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 13:22:15 (EST)

Michael Foulston <>
Hull, uk - Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 06:02:50 (EST)

Son of Osborn Wellington Deignan; brother of Richard Osborn Deignan;father of Justin Richard be continued
Robert Jeffery Deignan <>
Sacramento, Ca USA - Monday, February 07, 2011 at 17:08:32 (EST)

I'm a descendent of this long line of Deignan's, and I am proud!
Katherine Hannah Deignan <>
Mobile, AL USA - Thursday, January 27, 2011 at 23:24:18 (EST)

For those of you researching the John Wellington Deignan line, a little more was found on doing research. It appears that John W's parents were Mary Dernin, Means, a widow married John Deignan a soldier. The banns of marriage were posted in Houlton, Maine, in 1845. Don't know whether or not John came from New Brunswick (Mew France) or ??? Did research in Canada and most Irish immigrants came into New Brunswick. Have a book from the Catholic Church that sites one family of Deignan's. Not mine. Father John, was not in the US Army that were stationed at Hancock Barracks, and the military have no information on him. Mother, Mary according to 1880 census came from Ireland and John from France, thus New France, in Canada. If anyone can carry the genealogy into the old country, Ireland or correct information I've posted, please contact me. I do have source documentation.
Dianne Deignan Arthur <>
Bremerton, WA USA - Tuesday, November 09, 2010 at 11:01:45 (EST)

I had no idea there were so many Deignans out there.My Daddy was William Joseph Deignan from Columbus GA. He was born in 1906. He had two brothers Richard and Arthur. His grandfather's name was Patrick. His grandfather and great uncle were in the Civil War. All his relatives are buried in Lindwood Cemetary in Columbus.
Helen Deignan Hopkins <>
North Augusta , SC USA - Sunday, August 01, 2010 at 17:38:05 (EDT)

CHARLOTTE, NC USA - Saturday, July 03, 2010 at 15:04:21 (EDT)

CHARLOTTE, NC USA - Saturday, July 03, 2010 at 13:16:28 (EDT)

CHARLOTTE, NC USA - Saturday, July 03, 2010 at 13:13:30 (EDT)

Originally from Philadelphia, PA interested in finding out about my family history. My father is William Ronald Duignan Jr., I know his father's name (obviously!) but nothing further.
Kristin O'Neal (Duignan) <>
Orlando, FL USA - Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 15:37:39 (EDT)

My name is Laraine Marie Duignan Zizza. I have been doing my famiy tree for about two years. My father was Edward J. Duignan, his father Edward T. Duignan, and his father James J. Duignan. All were born in the United States. I cannot go back any further than that. Do these names sound familiar to anyone? James J. Duignan was married to Antonett. He was born in 1891. He had three children, James, Alice and Edward T. Years ago (when there were people left to ask) I thought I heard that we were either from County Cork or Roscommon. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Laraine Marie Duignan Zizza <>
North Massapequa, NY United States - Saturday, June 12, 2010 at 18:43:55 (EDT)

mark peacock <>
brisbane, qld australia - Sunday, June 06, 2010 at 06:49:54 (EDT)

Hi I am back and still looking, I am looking for relations to Jeremiah Duignan, b abt 1903, Mullaugh Co Leitrim, Ireland, d 25 Sept 1986, Chicago Ill, USA,he was a cousin to my grandfather James Patrick Duignan, I know that Jerry (Jeremiah) Duignan had 5 sons, John, Jerome, William, Patrick and James, 3 were on the Chicago Police Dept. I am looking for Jeremiah's parents,or anything, I have been told thru family stories that Jeremiah and James were very close as children in Ireland. Any help would be awesome.
Joseph Micheal Duignan <>
Port St Lucie, fl USA - Thursday, May 27, 2010 at 20:32:46 (EDT)

Fantastic site
Catherine Westie
USA - Monday, May 24, 2010 at 10:24:36 (EDT)

Hi i am seeking famly of my grand fathers Uncles and aunts. My grand fathers grand parents were Thomas DUignan and Alice Crilly they married in Kilpartrick Chruch in navan Co Meath. There children Rose Duignan born in 1862 Mellifont Park which was a farm back then. John Duignan 1864 catherine 1872 Mary 1870 Patrick 1868 James 1865 Bridget 1874 Nicholas 1879 Alice 1878 Thomas 1883 Does anyone out there know any knowledge of this family some of them emergrated to America Thanks David
David Huber <>
Dublin, Ireland - Monday, April 26, 2010 at 19:30:41 (EDT)

Hi all Deignans, I hold the sword that was awarded Osborn Deignan........It says on the sword... Osborn Deignan presented by the crew of the USS Marietta it has USN engraved on the end with 13 stars on the end.
Richard Osborn Deignan <>
Saratoga, Ca USA - Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 18:25:17 (EDT)

My husband is the Deignan and we are looking for information on James J. Deignan who arrrived in Providence, RI in 1872. He married Mary Mitchell in 1890. Marriage certificate says he is from Lietrim. Have a lot of information after 1890.
Beverly Deignan <>
East Falmouth, MA USA - Monday, March 08, 2010 at 15:17:22 (EST)

Hello Deignans, stumbled over this website and I am hooked, very interested to find out more, My Grandfather was Patrick Deignan married to Margaret Deignan (formerly Merriman)they had eight children, one of which was my father. Patrick was born circa 1905 in Shrah / Doocastle co. Mayo. and we believe his parents to be Thomas and Bridget, according to the 1911 census Thomas and Bridget had 5 children at that time Thomas, James, Patrick (my grandfather) Mary and Bridget but there could be many more born after 1911, there are still Deignans living in and around Mayo (in Charlestown and Shrah) and in co Sligo, would be interested to hear from anyone who thinks this information ring some bells....
Sean Deignan <>
Manchester, UK - Tuesday, March 02, 2010 at 16:06:21 (EST)

Oh so many of us,I am doing research for my husband,his Grandfather James Patrick Duignan, was b. 22 Feb 1899, Mohill Co Leitrim, came here 12 Feb 1929 to NY,then on to Chicago, we are looking for two cousins Jack and Jerry Duignan,they came to US and appear on a 1930 census, Jeremiah and John Duignan, living with a James Kelly. Jeremiah might have been a police officer on the south side of chicago. We have done alot of research, but have seemed to hit a brick wall, anyone with any info would be greatly appreciated, Thank You,
Joseph Micheal Duignan <>
Port St Lucie, Florida USA - Wednesday, February 10, 2010 at 15:34:22 (EST)

Wow!! No Deignan folks in my area ( San Francisco Bay Area)Rick Deignan
Richard Deignan
Saratoga, ca USA - Sunday, January 17, 2010 at 20:00:44 (EST)

I'm shocked to know there are so many Deignan. I usually search telephone directories when I occasionally visit other countries - not may if any listed. My dad My Dad Malachy Deignan came from Crossmaglen, Co Armagh. He had one sister Mollie and two brothers Frank and Joe. Unfortunately his family were very divided. My Dad married Catherine Ryan from Kilmallick, Co Limerick. Both my parents have passed on - RIP in Dublin. I have one sister Mary & one bother Frank living in Ireland. My two other brothers have passed on. I am 63 years of age, living in Sydney – three daughters, one married. My wife & I spent 18 years in South Africa before moving to Sydney in 1988 – a good move. Now very settled in Australia. Hugs to all other Deignans. Mike Deignan
Mike Deignan <>
Sydney, Australia - Monday, December 14, 2009 at 19:27:43 (EST)

Hi there was looking for some family history, didnt realise there were so many especially as everyone I meet thinks I have such a strange name. Anyway Im from Northern Ireland, doubt if I have any relatives here but its nice to know. Thamks
larne, uk - Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at 19:24:21 (EDT)

Hi, I am looking for a Ramona Deignan who's father would be Edward Deignan born in Bronx, NY. She would have been born in the 1950's. Parents divorced when she was very young. Lost touch with family. Grandparents are James & Anna Deignan. Lived on LaSalle Ave. in Bronx.
Joanne Deignan Hysler <joannemhysler@yahoo. com>
Brooklyn, NY USA - Sunday, September 20, 2009 at 23:17:25 (EDT)

my grandmother was annie daignen, she was from dublin but not sure, she married a man from longford john francis hughes and they had 7 children, may, joe, ned, ben, loretto, jack, brendan. my grandmother died in early 1970's not shureoncr
jackie <>
kfar saba, israel israel - Monday, September 07, 2009 at 08:07:01 (EDT)

Look's like I am the first DIGENAN to find this website. There are lots of spellings of this name, but from a little research I have done it looks to be from the same family.
SAN DIEGO, CA USA - Saturday, August 29, 2009 at 15:27:19 (EDT)

Look like I am the first DIGENAN to find this website. There are lots of spellings of this name, but from a little research I have done it looks to be from the same family.
SAN DIEGO, CA USA - Saturday, August 29, 2009 at 15:26:36 (EDT)

Looking for Degnan Family in Lockport, NY. William, brother to my grandfather Thomas. In Thomas obit it says his mother is, Bridget Duffin. Other names mentioned are , Haggerty and Mulvey, who wo0uld be my great aunts married names. I was told by my father, John H., that Thomas and William, were in a home called, Fathers Bakers. Please help I am at dead end. Other siblings names are Alice, Rose, and Ernst Duffin. not sure of aunts maiden names. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Sandra Degnan Seaman <>
Binghamton,, NY USA - Saturday, August 08, 2009 at 08:14:28 (EDT)

Hello to all the Degnans, regardless of spelling. I am Richard Spence, writing for my wife Claire. She is the daughter of William Degnan, b. 7 Sep 1908 in NYC, d. 23 Apr 1968 in NYC. He was a NYC fireman for many years. William had a brother James b. 1874, NYC and a sister Mary, b. 23 june 1906 in NYC, d. Jan 1986 in New York. William's father was James J. Degnan who was born in Ireland in July 1861 and died in NYC on 10 Mar 1911. He was married to Mary Ellen Higgins who was born in 1873 in Clooncarha, Roscommon, Ireland. James worked as an inspector on Randall's Island in NYC. We believe his parents were Patrick Degnan and Bridget (nee Donohue) but we don't know if this is true or which Patrick this might be. As you all know, the spelling of the name varied and often depended on how the naturalization folks spelled it. On our case, James J. spelled his last name Duignan but it was changed to Degnan for him by the nice people in Castle Garden when he arrived here. Any help, info or just contact would be great. Thanks! Dick Spence and Claire Degnan Spence
Claire Degnan Spence <>
Cherry Hill, New Jersey USA - Sunday, August 02, 2009 at 18:12:21 (EDT)

From a RI Deignan clan. Dad, Joseph Deignan, is also creating a Deignan tree. Any info can be sent to him at
Joanne Deignan <>
Branchburg, NJ USA - Friday, July 03, 2009 at 17:00:29 (EDT)

My Grandfather, Thomas James Degnan, was a habidasher in Worcester Ma. He migrated from Mckeesport Pa. He married Margaret Cronin and they had four children, Margaret (Peggy) who married Edwin Coghlin of Worcester, James E. Degnan (my father) who married Helen Cassidy of Philadelphia and had three children: Betty, Suzanne and me (James E Degnan Jr)Jim and Helen moved to Chicago: Thomas who married Ann Athy of Worcester and they had six children: Anthony (Tony), Margaret Ann (Megan), Mary Ellen, Thomas James (Topper, Gerard (Gerry) and Stephan. Their last child, Elizabeth (Betty) Married Joe Ash of Worcester and they had seven children (Joe Ash jr, Tommy Ash, Mary Ash, twins- Ann & Cathy Ash, Jimmy Ash and Ellen Ash. I don't know much history before my grandfather (who I never met) but I believe we are four or five generations off the boat. I think our clan came from County Roscommon in Ireland. Our generation of Degnans are first generation Chicagoans and my surviving sister, Betty and I are both parents and grandparents with kids strewn all over the US>
James E. Degnan, Jr <>
Lake Forest, il USA - Wednesday, July 01, 2009 at 20:14:17 (EDT)

Interested in learning more about my ancestors!!
Deb Deignan <>
East Hanover, NJ USA - Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 20:05:00 (EDT)

Very interest information, do you think our family name Degnin would be included under the umbrella. We know that my Great Grandfather was born in Ireland somewhere and we have now records of him living in Enniskillen before moving to Liverpool then Glasgow, then Gravesend in Kent. Your help would be most appreciated.
Duggy Degnin <>
Brighton, uk - Tuesday, June 16, 2009 at 15:46:46 (EDT)

My name is Richard Degnan. I have 2 brothers Lawrence & Michael and a sister Sharon. We were born and raised in The Bronx, NY.My father was Richard and he had 2 brothers Lawrence and John and they were born and raised in Hells' Kitchen in Manhattan. Their father was Lawrence and he had a brother Richard. We know that part of their life was spent in an orphanage on Staten Island. We don't know why. There was always talk of a family member who fought in The Civil Was and was wounded. I found some information about a Richard Degnan who was wounded at The Battle of Port Hudson. I got this info from The NY State Military Museum. We believe he belongs to us. If this sounds familiar to anyone please contact me.
Richard Degnan <>
Concord, CA USA - Tuesday, May 26, 2009 at 16:59:57 (EDT)

am looking for someone by the name of cahill who had a e mail address and who was looking for persons related to john francis deignan who was from drumshanbro county leitrm and later resided in worcester, ma.
patricia deignan king <>
west dennis, ma. USA - Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 16:30:32 (EDT)

I was born James Deignan in Philadelphia, Pa, my father James T Deignan died in Dec 1940, because of a falling out between my Mother and grandmother, my Mother never let me contact my fathers family. I only know that there was a Catherine Deignan in Phia, any Deignans in Pa or surrounding area pls contact me
James Schumacher <>
Fayetteville, NC USA - Sunday, March 22, 2009 at 09:54:39 (EDT)

I'm a new visitor to this site and was amazed to see so many other Degnan's around. My William Hugh Degnan b.1875 Glasgow, Scotland, his father, William Degnan { Degnin } was born in Northern Ireland, there is no name for Wm's mother, his brothers are: 1. Hugh Degnin b.1878 Kent co., Eng.; 2.John Samuel Degnin b.1865 Enniskillen, N.Ire.; 3. Edward Degnin b. 1873 Kent co., Eng.. My Degnan / Degin ancestors all served in the military > British Royal Navy & British Merchant Marines. It was told by a family member that William Hugh Degnan also served in the Black Watch. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you sharon
sharon dunning <>
NC USA - Wednesday, February 11, 2009 at 14:36:15 (EST)

Hi came across this site while researching for a friend Mr J Deignan originally from Sligo Ireland. He is one of 12 siblings all of whom are still alive, he is 65 and the 3rd youngest. His Father John James Deignan died yesterday aged 97.
s deignan <>
cornwall, UK - Tuesday, February 10, 2009 at 15:48:06 (EST)

On previous post I forgot to include that most of the Deignan information came From St Colunkille Catholic Church Chicago, Illinois. My GG were Thomas Long and Alice Geary (Guiry) and Maternal GP Joseph Quinn and Elizabeth Burns (Lizzy) whose Mother was Ellen Burns Rafferty JIM LONG
Jim Long <>
Gainesville, FL USA - Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 12:08:20 (EST)

Our Long, Quinn, Rafferty, Deignan Connection Cornelius Patrick Long baptized December 26, 1865 born Dec 20, Dec 20 1865 Son of Thomas Long and Alice Geary spons Denis Enright and Mary Deignan Apri 5, 1868 Alice Dau of Thomas Long and Alice Geary spons Thomas Long and Debbora Deignan MAY 26, 1872 Bapt Born April 23, 1872 William Long son of Thomas Long and Alice Geary sponsors Thomas Connors and Dinnan deignan??? MAY 26, 1872 Bapt Born April 23, 1872 William Long son of Thomas Long and Alice Geary sponsors Thomas Connors and Dinnan deignan??? EDWARD PATRICK SON OF JAMES RAFFERTY AND ELIZ DEIGNAN BN 25TH OF DEC 1891 BAP 27TH DEC 1891 SPONS ANDREW VAIL AND CATHERINE RAFFERTY Elizabeth daughter of James Rafferty and Elizabeth Deignan?? 22 jan 1890 Spons John RAFFERTY AND DEIGNAN EDWARD PATRICK SON OF JAMES RAFFERTY AND ELIZ DEIGNAN BN 25TH OF DEC 1891 BAP 27TH DEC 1891 SPONS ANDREW VAIL AND CATHERINE RAFFERTY 1886 JULY 7 CHARLES CULLEN AND MARGARET DIEGNAN FRANK BRYAN AND DELIA LONG PUBLIC TREE ON ANCESTRY
Jim Long <>
Gainesville,, FL USA - Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 11:52:02 (EST)

Wow, it was great to see so many of you with the funny name. My father was born in Belfast and he is Walter Duignan and has a brother Henry Duignan in Florida. My mother is a Gallagher from Co. Mayo. Love to see sites like this! Keep it up!
Catherine Duignan Ferrera <>
Kirkland, WA USA - Wednesday, October 29, 2008 at 02:09:31 (EDT)

What is the family history of "the deignans?" theres only like 122 deignans in the world, send feed back on this.
Michael Deignan <>
Des Moines, WA USA - Monday, October 13, 2008 at 20:34:26 (EDT)

looking to learn about the deignan family from Monroe, WI.
carrie deignan <>
waunakee, wi USA - Monday, September 29, 2008 at 18:03:48 (EDT)

jaysus, we're a handsome bunch!
jeff deignan <>
sioux city, IA USA - Tuesday, September 09, 2008 at 01:46:28 (EDT)

Hello everyone im a 23yr old Hvac Technician from Chicago looking for other Deignans to help me search for more indepth detail of or families orgins and History.Any info will help. Hope to hear back from a Deignan with some info soon.
Chris Deignan <>
Chicago, il USA - Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 16:28:08 (EDT)

Hi,I have just returned to U.K. after many years in SOUTH AFRICA. I am currently trying to catch up with a MR, STEPHAN DEGNAN, who I worked with on cruise ships twenty years ago in 1988. We worked on board the M.V SOUTHERN ELEGANCE- BASED IN PANAMA CITY FLORIDA. He was last in contact whilst living in London England.
EDINBURGH, U.K - Saturday, August 23, 2008 at 07:15:15 (EDT)

I am searching for a childhood friend for my sister -- at one time they were the best of friends -- searching for Alice Duignan -- we lived on the same block in Port Jefferson Station. Alice had several brothers of sisters, I can only remember some of them , a sister, Barbara, brothers Christopher, maybe Michael, not sure. My sister would love to hear from her.
Sheri DeFelice <>
orlando, Fl USA - Saturday, April 19, 2008 at 09:48:56 (EDT)

Hello. My name is Michael Degnan. I am the Son of Paul Degnan. I am just visitng the site and seeing if there is anyone with a completed or somewhat complete Family tree. Thank you.
Michael J Degnan <>
Sierra Vista, AZ USA - Wednesday, April 09, 2008 at 13:05:01 (EDT)

i am looking degnans(duignans) from the townland of cuppanagh in the barony of coolavin and the parish killaraght in county sligo. the mother and father were charles and briget(dwyer)duignan. they had 5 children. margaret, catherine, charles, peter(my grandfather) and patrick. peter and pat came to and settled in philadelphia, pa in the early 1890s. if anyone thinks he or she may be related please let me know. thanks and God bless.
robert degnan <>
west chester, pa USA - Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at 22:57:28 (EDT)

Hi, My name is Paul Degnan formerly of Worcester Massachusetts and Oxford Massachusetts.I was born in 1941. My father was Vincent Joseph Degnan of Leeds England.My mother was Catherine Louise Hedge Degnan. I had a brother Vincent Joseph Jr. and I had a sister Kathleen Sweeney Degnan which were twins. My sister Paula of Florida is my twin. I live in Palm Bay Fl. My sister Connie Lowery Degnan lives in Webster Massachusetts. My cousin Jerry Degnan lives in Oxford Massachusetts. I had an uncle Frank Degnan of Oxford Massachusetts and aunts and uncles which i do not know their names. If anyone know of any other relatives related to me feel free to e-mail me. Thanks Paul Degnan
Paul Degnan <>
palm bay , fl. USA - Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at 16:43:04 (EDT)

Hello Deignan Family! I think I graduated from Villanova in 1993 with some of you and your wives! I am back in school now, and as I study, I reminisce about old friends and good times. I hope all everyone is well and happy. If this message finds its way to Marguerite, I would love to catch up. xoxo Eileen
Eileen Morris <>
New York, NY USA - Wednesday, March 05, 2008 at 21:35:52 (EST)

Hi everone. My GGGF was Peter Degnan who migrated from Ireland in the 1820's to build the Erie Canal. He married Nancy Couley and they had a son, Richard Degnan, who was born in Lockport, NY. Richard married Brigett Slavin and they produced Richard Edward(?)Degnan in 1878. Richard E. born in Lockport died in 1966. Richard E. married Mary McKenney of Amsterdam, NY (1883-1957). Richard and Mary, my Grandparents, had six children - Ruth (1908-1958)no kids; Mary Agnes (1910-1997)1 kid; Richard (1912-unk)4 kids; James McKenney, my father,(1918-2001)3 kids; John (1920-1990)no kids and Francis Degnan (1926-unk)4 kids. Richard was a foreman for the paper company in Buffalo, NY. He also worked on the locks for a time. Richard E. was a dry goods salesman,
Stephen A. Degnan <>
Livermore, CA USA - Friday, February 22, 2008 at 01:59:02 (EST)

I never new there were Deignans in America. I am working on a family tree and I would love any info. you may have on other relitives
Emma Deignan <>
Stanley, Hong Kong Hong Kong - Saturday, December 15, 2007 at 02:53:31 (EST)

Hello all, Still looking for Degnans in Buffalo,NY. Thomas William is my target. He was born abt. 1893. Only info. I have is, he married a Seeley. They lived on Garner Ave. in Buffalo. He worked as a fireman in the Buffalo school district and is buried in Holy Cross cemetery in Lackwanna, NY. He died in 1933 and left small children. Happy holidays, Sandi
Sandi <>
binghamton, ny USA - Friday, December 14, 2007 at 09:17:41 (EST)

Hi I`m from Lithgow in Australia.I know we originate from Ireland but I do not know from what county.My aunty traced our family history back to about the 1600 hundreds and we were book keepers but she is now in her late 80`s and she can not remember what she has done with the family tree.I know my grandmother lived in Bourke where my father was born. I also remember that we had a realative that lived in America because they told me he was a sheriff.But other than that I know very little.I want to trace my family history as I want to travel to Ireland to the county where it all started. But would love to hear from other Deignans from around the world.
Neil Deignan <>
Lithgow, N.S.W Australia - Monday, November 19, 2007 at 08:37:27 (EST)

My grandfather, Thomas James Degnan ran a men's clothing store in Worcester Ma. He came to Worcester from McKeesport Pa. He married Margaret Cronin and they had four children, Margaret (Peggy), James (Jim), Thomas(Tom) and Elizabeth (Betty). They all grew up and stayed in Worcester, except my father, Jim, who ended up in Chicago, where I was born and raised.
James E. Degnan, Jr <>
Lake Forest , il USA - Monday, October 29, 2007 at 22:44:10 (EDT)

Interesting site. My son is a 2006 of the US Air Force Academy. Are there any other Academy grads with the Deignan name? The AOG register does not show any.
Charles J. Deignan Jr. <>
columbus, ms USA - Sunday, October 21, 2007 at 21:37:56 (EDT)

My great,grandfather was Thomas Degnan, was born in Liverpool around 1839, don't know what year he immigrated to Australia, but he married Harriet Jennings in Victoria,Australia in 1863. Anybody out there related??? Cheers Meryl
meryl bosher <>
USA - Sunday, October 21, 2007 at 01:48:24 (EDT)

My Grandfather, Thomas J(?) Degnan moved to Worcester Ma from McKeesport Pa and ran a men's habidashery until his death in the late 1940's - early 1950's. My Father, James E Degnan was born and raised in Worcester Ma, attended Holy Cross College, worked for the OPA during WWII. He, and my mother (Helen Cassidy Degnan from Philadelphia) along with my sisters Betty and Suzanne moved to Chicago in 1945. I was born in 1946 and have lived in Chicago all of my life. I don't know the geneology, but am told by cousins that my Grandfather was one or two generations off the boat and our best speculation is that they came from County Rosscommon.
James E Degnan Jr <>
Lake Forest, Il USA - Thursday, September 06, 2007 at 20:02:05 (EDT)

Hi, I'm trying to research some history on my family tree. Grandfather was David P. Deignan, borne 29 Jul 1907 died Jan 1966 (Providence, RI). Not sure where borne or previous history, he died when I was a baby. Any information you could share would be great. Thanks!
M Deignan <ExpyGuy-at-yahoo-dot-com>
Providence, RI USA - Thursday, July 26, 2007 at 19:57:23 (EDT)

Finally taking some time to dig into my paternal family history: F: Donald Charles Degnan (B. 1927 San Francisco), GF: Charles Martin Degnan (B. 1887 Chattanooga TN), GGF: James Degnan (B. 1866 Barre, MA), GGGF: Martin Degnan (?) who may have married a Nancy Mins. Have not yet determined who emigrated rom Ireland, but the family bible notes County Sligo. Any of this ring a bell, please let me know.
Colleen Gladys (Degnan) Pundyk <>
Topanga, CA USA - Friday, July 13, 2007 at 11:36:15 (EDT)

My maternal grandfather was James A. Deignan - born in Lowell, Massachusetts on May 7, 1895. His father Thomas Deignan was born in Leitrim in 1864.
Marie Sweeney <>
USA - Saturday, July 07, 2007 at 20:49:51 (EDT)

hi Deignan's.  I'm Bonnie, brother is Boots Leon Deignan, father Carroll Woodrow, grandfather Francis Leon, Great Grandfather John from Stuart, Iowa. We know we're from Roscommon, Ireland and our family was tracked back to 400 AD and they were chroniclers for the King of Ireland. Nephew is Jeff Deigan from Seattle, he has a brother, Kelly and sisters Becky and Brandi. There are many Deignan's in the Northwest but we are amazed that there are so many in Europe and the east coast, we probably are all related, pretty neat to know! Would be interested to hear from any one in Roscommon.
Bonnie Deignan <>
Burlington, WA USA - Wednesday, July 04, 2007 at 20:24:44 (EDT)

I live in Seattle and I'm a pilot for Alaska airlines
Jeff Deignan <>
Normandy park, WA USA - Monday, July 02, 2007 at 16:56:51 (EDT)

Hello All, Im looking for Degnan`s from Lockport or Buffalo, NY area.My grandfather, Thomas, lived on Gardner Ave. in Buffalo. His wife was Ella. I never thought there were so many of us out there. GREAT SITE!
Sandra A. Degnan-Seaman <>
Binghamton,, NY USA - Sunday, June 24, 2007 at 09:05:57 (EDT)

LAKE WORTH, FL USA - Thursday, April 05, 2007 at 15:05:03 (EDT)

Looking for members of the Worcester Deignan/Degnan Family of James Deignan and Bridget Early, and children born in the 1890s, Francis, Catherine, James, William, and Anna.
Jeff <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Tuesday, March 20, 2007 at 06:09:56 (EST)

Hi to all the Deignans out there! My name is Robb and I live in Seattle, WA. I'm the son of Michael Phillip Deignan (son of Francis Leon Deignan). I don't know much about our family tree, but know a few relatives who have done some feel free to send a note if you want to chat or if you're looking for some info. Hope all is well with the D. clan!! God bless!!
Robert (Robb) Leon Deignan <>
Seattle, WA USA - Sunday, March 04, 2007 at 00:39:57 (EST)

Hi i am looking for family of Deignan's in Cobar/Bourke/Lithgow areas. My great grandfather William Peter Deignan married Mary Hackett in Bourke in 1887 and my grandmother Annie was born 1890 in Cobar. If you are connected and have more information on how the Deigan's arrived in Australia would be greatly interested
Donna <>
Canberra, ACT Australia - Monday, February 12, 2007 at 05:57:04 (EST)

great site, would love to hear from any deignan, didn't realise we are so popular! xxx
alison deignan <>
oxford, england - Sunday, February 11, 2007 at 16:05:25 (EST)

My cousin Ellen Duignan is looking for her uncle Joe Deignan, born in Meena Hill, Ballinamore, Co Leitrim around 1880s. He emmigrated to the States in early 1900s to New York. On the death of his 7 year old son, he adopted a daughter from Mayo and moved to Queens. Though he has long passed, my cousin is hoping to hear word of this woman who would be her cousin by adoption.
Kathleen Deignan <>
New Rochelle, NY USA - Saturday, February 03, 2007 at 17:16:27 (EST)

Dear Deignan Clan: Want to share the good news - the MIRACLE. Happened on this site by accident because my own site is Browsing for a long time, just about to sign off and I see a note from my long lost cousin Alan in England!!! We are now reunited and will visit this spring - all thanks to this website. THANK YOU. Now will you help me find my cousins? They are the sons of my father's (Patrick Deignan, Meena Hill, Ballnamore, Co Leitrim) brother (Mick / Michael Deignan) who emigrated to Manchester, England, married a woman named Margaret, had two sons - Michael and John. Mu uncle Mick died in 1953, but we lost touch with the family when we emigrated to NYC> Thanks. Kathleen
Kathleen Deignan <>
New Rochelle, NY USA - Saturday, January 27, 2007 at 14:05:19 (EST)

Hi all, I used to live in Dublin and I am a Deignan first name Korrine middle Casey last name DEIGNAN!!!!!!!! :) My father's name is Peter and married to Carolyn. Sadley both died. I have a brother name John , Peter ( died ) Mike, Marryelen. If anyone remembers anyone of those names please contact me! God Bless you all xoxoxox
Korrine <>
MASSAPEQUA , NY USA - Tuesday, January 23, 2007 at 21:33:01 (EST)

I am a Deegan! Just wanted to say hello to some really distant realitives.
Margaret <>
Louisville, KY USA - Tuesday, January 16, 2007 at 16:50:29 (EST)

i am gerald e (jay) deignan jr. if anyone wants to talk to me please just email me. i am willing to talk to anyone.
colchester, ct USA - Tuesday, January 09, 2007 at 10:19:47 (EST)

Beautiful family. Gorgeous children--especially Tai Joseph!!!
Sharyn Huffman <>
Malvern, PA USA - Tuesday, December 05, 2006 at 14:52:26 (EST)

Greeting to all from New York City. I'm from the Cavan/Dublin branch of the family, my grandparents were born in Mullagh, Co. Cavan. I've been in New York City now for over 15 years and have first cousins, aunts and uncles here. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who thinks they might be however distantly related. God bless, Christopher
Christopher <>
Middle Village, NY USA - Monday, December 04, 2006 at 10:27:46 (EST)

omg i didn't know there was more of me!!!!!!
Malahide, Dublin Ireland - Wednesday, September 20, 2006 at 11:03:40 (EDT)

Hi there kinfolk, I was born in Belfast and moved to Cardiff 8 years ago. My brother Robert left a message way back in 2002. We are 3 girls and one boy in our family. To save the name dying could some one please offer to marry my brother?!! He is a good catch and what a great name you would gain.Thanks.
Eithne Deignan <>
Cardiff, Wales, U.K. - Saturday, September 09, 2006 at 17:45:00 (EDT)

hello to all the degnans out there! just found this site. i married stpehen degnan 18 years ago, we have six children. we are very interested in our history. my father-in-law's family originally came from brooklyn, ny. his father, philip a degnan, graduated from georgetown univ and was a doctor in the washington d.c. area. anyone know any more about this family?
jennifer degnan <>
wallingford, pa USA - Sunday, September 03, 2006 at 22:38:28 (EDT)

Looking for my first cousin Frank Deignan (Francis Leo Deignan, Jr.), LKA Chicago, IL; younger brother of the late Michael Deignan, son of Frank and Florence, grandson of David and Kate, ggs of Philip (immigrant)and Margaret, gggs of David and Bridget, ggggs of Dominic and Catherine; uncle of Mickey and Jackie.
Richard Kinkead <>
Lantana, FL USA - Thursday, August 24, 2006 at 08:39:53 (EDT)

Hello Just found this site My husbands family come from Kells County Meath Ireland anyone with roots in Kells Ann Duignan
ann duignan <>
cambridge, cambridgeshire england - Sunday, August 20, 2006 at 13:30:39 (EDT)

My mothers maiden name was Duignan. I am searching family history and ancestory. As i am also half Italian, when i was growing up it seems that we didnt visit as much with my mother's side of the family. They lived in Grand Island, NY since i believe 1951. My mother Mary Coleen (Duignan)Onesi was killed in a car wreck in 1981 when i was only 11 yrs old. My granfather Bernard Duignan died in Grand Island,NY about 5 years after that i think, and my grandmother Florence Duignan just died in March 2006 in Grand Island, NY. If anyone can help me trace my lineage i would greatly appreciate it.
Anthony Onesi (Mother was Duignan) <>
Big Lake, MN USA - Tuesday, July 11, 2006 at 02:40:12 (EDT)

Looking for the Thomas and Margaret Degnan family that came to America at the turn of the century with three children.They came in at New York then settled in West Virginia and Maryland.Their daugter Married John Gorman of Cumberland.
Jeanne kight <>
Baltimore, Md USA - Friday, July 07, 2006 at 13:28:51 (EDT)

I am the daughter of the late Gerald E. "Jerry" Deignan and the grand daughter of the late John E. Deignan. I am looking for Gerald E. "Jay" Deignan. Please, if any one knows how to get in touch with him please let me know.
Kim "Deignan" Barger <>
Hamilton, oh USA - Monday, February 06, 2006 at 10:21:59 (EST)

I was born 31/10/1969 at the Middlesex hospital London and shortly afterwards I was put up for adoption.My birth mother was called Mary Theresa Deignan and I believed she worked in the catering business. That's all I know really, can anyone help...Thanks
Michael Foulston <>
Hull, UK - Friday, December 23, 2005 at 16:15:58 (EST)

Hello Deignans, can go on for ever about mispronunciations,but ya'll no that one. My family comes from Carrick on Shannon, anybody else? More specifically, Castlefore. No red hair, but lots of freckles. Pat
Patrick Hugh Deignan <>
Baltimore, Md USA - Sunday, December 04, 2005 at 21:22:58 (EST)

Had no clue there were so many Deignan's. Our clan is from Kenosha, Wisconsin and now we are all over the state. Would love to trace roots back but Grandpa didn't talk much. His name was Augustus Pierre Deignan. Any help?
Stephen John Deignan <>
Kiel, wi USA
- Wednesday, November 09, 2005 at 17:45:37 (EST)

I was born in No. Providence RI my dad still lives there. I am looking for anyone related to Gerald E. Deignan or have information on any famous people in our family for my daughters school project. Thanks
Katie (Deignan) Wentling <>
Vail, AZ USA
- Thursday, October 13, 2005 at 06:09:43 (EDT)

Greetings to Degnans, Dignans,Duignans,Deignans and others. What a delightful site, I thoroughly enjoyed going through all the emails. If some of you receive emails from me would you if you have the time answer them. I am trying to locate Duignans from Cuppanagh, County Sligo.Hope all is well with everyone.
Robert J Degnan <>
West Chester, Pa USA
- Saturday, October 08, 2005 at 23:51:41 (EDT)

ROBERT T. DEIGNAN, born 7 June 1910, d. 11 January 1988. What was his military rank? Were his parents Bernard and Annie C.? Was Annie's maiden name Lacorix? Thank you!
Sharen Lee <>
Savannah, GA USA
- Friday, October 07, 2005 at 10:47:16 (EDT)

Jack, May not remember me, but you used to work with my brother, Howie, some time ago. This is a great site! Hope to hear from you, Mike
Michael Heller <>
Gaithersburg, MD USA
- Thursday, September 29, 2005 at 19:52:33 (EDT)

Hi,I looking for information on Thomas and Margaret Degnan. They were born in Ireland came over with three children, Michael, Patrick and a daughter.  In 1850-1860 they were living in Maryland close to Cumberland. They had a few more kids there including my grandmother Mary who married John Gorman. They belonged to St Patrick's church. Any help out there?
Jeanne Kight <>
Baltimore, Md USA
- Saturday, September 24, 2005 at 21:20:44 (EDT)

Hi Deignan's today is Labor Day and one of our family members just told us about your web-site. Lot's of fun!
Terence A. Deignan <>
Glendale, AZ USA
- Monday, September 05, 2005 at 23:05:06 (EDT)

Looking for Patsy and Annie Deignan who used to live on Amsterdam Avenue in New York. Lost touch years ago but would love to find them. Can anyone help me trace my cousins.
Alan Patrick Noone <>
Huddersfield, England
- Sunday, August 28, 2005 at 06:05:30 (EDT)

Hi guys, Just wanted to say hello and say nice pics??
Nora Quinn <Cousin>
Ireland, USA
- Thursday, August 25, 2005 at 11:57:02 (EDT)

Just wanted to say hello!to other Deignans. My Mother is a Deignan. I'm presently doing research on her family, in South Carolina.
Iris Wucherer <>
Charleston, SC USA
- Friday, August 05, 2005 at 15:06:38 (EDT)

Hey every body, its lexi! I just wanted to say hi to all of my cousins. O and Paul, Andy, and, Dad have to update are site. Thanks PS When do I get my picture on! Lexi
alexis noel deignan <>
malvern, pa usa
- Wednesday, August 03, 2005 at 20:43:58 (EDT)

My name's Kristina, and I'm part of the deignan community in Oregon. Currently in Florida, learning graphic design, when my instructor encouraged us to learn more about their histories, and that's how I found this site.
Kristina Deignan <>
Blodgett, OR USA
- Thursday, July 07, 2005 at 20:55:37 (EDT)

Well this is interesting, I have never even heard of another Deignan yet there seems to be tons of you guys. I am from Rhode Island and currently going to school in Tampa. I have been told that Deignan is irish and I am german as well. I think I might be the only Noah though. My dad never knew his father his name is Lee he grew up in Providence RI. If anyone knows a Deignan from Providence he is prob dead now but I would like to know about him. Thanks, good luck to all you Deignans.
Noah Deignan <>
Richmond , RI USA
- Friday, June 17, 2005 at 23:47:43 (EDT)

Hey Mar and Paul! Hope you update these photos from time to time, I enjoy keeping up with the family, even if only from afar. God bless!
Robert <>
Rochester, MI USA
- Monday, June 13, 2005 at 17:02:19 (EDT)

Hi to all the Deignan's out there.Just looking around and found this web site so I thought I would add my name to your guestbook.Hope to hear from some of you some time.My father's name is Alexander William Deignan born in Cobar New South Wales,Australia.
Neil Deignan <>
Lithgow, NSW Australia
- Friday, June 10, 2005 at 12:36:17 (EDT)

Hi Everyone!!! I justed was out trying to register and found this site! I am from AZ and there are some Deignan's out here but I had no idea there were that many out and about! Everyone in AZ here stems from my grandfather John Woodrow Deignan who had 6 kids (my uncles and aunts). Whats this I read about a castle?!
Brian Deignan <>
Phoenix, AZ USA
- Saturday, May 28, 2005 at 19:39:12 (EDT)

Hello Everyone - Stop by and say hi...
Jimmy <>
Worcester, MA USA
- Tuesday, November 16, 2004 at 12:54:43 (EST)

I was just surfing the net and found this site. I don't know any of my Deignan relatives I was just looking to see if anyone was from havertown I know my grandmother played the organ at Sacred Heart and lived on Grand ave. but that's all I know.
James Michael Deignan Jr <>
Havertown, pa USA
- Tuesday, November 02, 2004 at 16:58:57 (EST)

Great site, good to see so many Deignans in the world and I thought we had an uncommon name! ( I met my cousin because of this site very amazing stuff!)
Andrew Deignan <>
- Wednesday, September 22, 2004 at 11:40:15 (EDT)

Hello all you Deignan's! What an interesting site! Here is another interesting tidbit about a Deignan. My Great Grand Uncle, Osborne Warren Deignan, was awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism in the Spanish-American War. Peace and Love to all you Deignan's...
Michael Philip Deignan <>
Grapeview, Wa USA
- Thursday, May 13, 2004 at 10:04:29 (EDT)

WOW this is exciting! All these Deignan's!! Growing up in Ireland, Deignan was really a very unique, unusual and wrongly pronounced name! I am also surprised by the amounts of Deignans living in Mass, as I am now. Would love to make contact with some of extended clan in the States.... Deirdre
Deirdre Deignan <>
Jamaica Plain, ma USA
- Saturday, April 03, 2004 at 22:46:53 (EST)

Ok its Chris again I just wanted to inform you about something. I was researching our family coat of arms a while ago and i found out we own a castle somewhere in Ireland!! just wanted to inform you (well i think its cool) well i hope i talk to some of you guys!! Sincerely, Chris Deignan
Chris Deignan <>
Columbus, MS USA
- Tuesday, March 30, 2004 at 16:00:29 (EST)

HI!! My name is Chris Deignan and I am 13 years old and live in Mississippi. I was born in Dover, Ohio, and have 2 brothers and one sister. My father's name is Chuck and my mother (who recently passed away) is Rebecca. I just wanted to say hi because i thought there weren't very many of us at all! Its good to know there are more of us out there!! Sincerely, Chris, CJ, Jeff, Jennifer, Chuck, and Rebecca Deignan
Christopher Deignan (call me Chris) <>
Columbus, MS USA
- Tuesday, March 30, 2004 at 15:58:00 (EST)

Well, Hi i just wanted to say hello. My Names alexadria deignan. and i'm from NSW Australia. I'm 15 years old and i know for a fact that im the youngest Deignan in NSW. It's really weird to see this site. I wonder if im related to anyone here. Well please, I would love to find out. Just email me please. Your's sincerely, Alexia xXx
Alexandria Deignan <>
Lithgow, NSW Australia
- Monday, January 26, 2004 at 10:18:29 (EST)

Greetings from Belgium. We're probably the first but definitely not the last Deignans in the Low Lands!!
James & Anne Deignan <>
Antwerp, Belgium
- Saturday, December 20, 2003 at 13:47:14 (EST)

yes there are 3 spellings for our name . In Ireland it i duignan, when people came over tothe US The ship captains could not read it so wrote deignan or degnan. My grandfather Phillip came to Elizabeth NJ with his wife Bridget. I AM LOOKING FOR SOME RELATIVES AS I AM DOING THE TREE.
Eileen deignan <>
Brick, nj USA
- Monday, December 08, 2003 at 12:05:14 (EST)

Boy what a shocker!! Your family photo looks as though you could blend in with my family and no one could tell the difference. Our Deignan's, John Wellington, my grandfather was supposedly born in Maine, moved to Iowa, and then my grandfather Francis Leon, came to Seattle, where the rest of the Deignan clan were born. As most of the "older" Deignan's have gone to the "other-side", there are but just a few of us left. So it's great to look at your family and "wish" they were mine.
Dianne Deignan Arthur <>
Bremerton, Wa USA
- Friday, October 10, 2003 at 14:57:45 (EDT)

Hello to all the Deignan's! Just another Deignan from the Worcester Massachusetts area. I hope to soon be starting a site similar to this using my domain name Take it is a very popular name out this way, we even have a wing named after us at the local county jail! That is thanks to the former Sheriff Deignan. As far as I know none of us have ever spend any time there, unless we were working as jail guards. How did so many Deignans become jail guards? I think the word is nepotism. It sure is great to be a Deignan. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions about the Deignan's in Central Massachusetts.
James Deignan <>
Worcester, MA USA
- Monday, September 15, 2003 at 16:15:29 (EDT)

Hi Jack--Based on your guestbook entries, seems like people with the last name of "Deignan" (or any variation) have a lot of time on their hands and are attracted to other people who are curious about the spelling of their own last names. Miss you tons. P told me she saw you at the mall about an eon ago. Made me sigh for the old SMP group. Dr. Unix misses those guys tons, too. She has nothing to do now except look for bad websites. Are you doing anything meaningful with your life these days? (And, that CAN'T be Timmy! What are you feeding him? Will started first grade this month. I will certainly be in an assisted-living facility by the time he reaches high school.)
Cyndi Born <>
Scottsdale, AZ USA
- Monday, September 08, 2003 at 00:17:27 (EDT)

My name is Michael Evanko. I am a fraternity brother of Mike's from Florida Southern College. I was trying to track him down and came accross the site. It has been quite some time (Years) since we have talked. Would like to catch up and see where the years have taken him. My email is attached and my home number is 203-961-8555. Hope to hear from him. Thanks.
michael evanko <>
stamford, ct USA - Friday, August 15, 2003 at 10:59:59 (EDT)

You have a wonderful family and web site. And that Mike is just SOOOO cute!!!
Wayland Golf <>
Peabody, MA USA - Sunday, August 03, 2003 at 15:26:52 (EDT)

I found this page while looking up a news article. I married into the Degnan family 30+ years ago. I heard a couple of generations ago they took the "i" out. I think this site is great. There are Degnans and Deignans in Rhode Island, but not all related. I'll check back to this site another time.
Marjorie Degnan <>
No. Providence, RI USA - Monday, June 23, 2003 at 22:56:51 (EDT)

Just a quick word to say how much I enjoyed reading through the web site and the guestbook. My name is Marguerite Deignan,dad Edward,originally from Sligo. I'm a keen Irish dancer and apparently love for dancing is a Deignan trait!
Marguerite Deignan <>
Sligo, Ireland - Friday, May 30, 2003 at 17:03:02 (EDT)

Just to let you know there are Deignans lurking in the south-east of England. My father is 72 year old Ben John Deignan born in Lancashire, England from Irish descent. The youngest Deignan we have is 8 year old Joshua James who lives in Hampshire, England. The family hails from Leitrim in Ireland. When my sister got married she considered incorporating her maiden name into her married name because she was convinced her wimpy brothers would never find wives & the name would die out. Having found this site its clear there was fat chance of that happening.
James Deignan <>
London, pardon? UK - Friday, May 30, 2003 at 09:16:06 (EDT)

Hello Oma!We wanted to thank you for a great Easter dinner yesterday!Its great to see you feeling well! We love you!
the Carlisle Deignans <>
Carlisle, Mass. USA - Monday, April 21, 2003 at 10:48:14 (EDT)

I understand that Degnan is a derivation of Deignan. I will be traveling to western Ireland this summer and have gotten interested in doing some research on the name. I have very little information on my ancestors. All I know is my great grandfather (not sure of first name, could be George) came from Ireland circa 1850-1860 with three brothers (one named John). Landed in NY City. My grandfather, George, was born in Brooklyn circa 1865-1875. Had one brother, William. My father, George, was born in Brooklyn in 1895. I have no marriage licenses, birth certificates, etc., for any of them. Any suggestions on how I could start research would be appreciated. Bill
William "Bill" Degnan <>
Medford, NJ USA - Thursday, March 06, 2003 at 12:22:39 (EST)

Hi - great site.If you're interested, take a look at my Deigan/Deegan website. Do think we have a related name ????
mike deigan <>
ma USA - Wednesday, March 05, 2003 at 21:37:30 (EST)

We just visited your website. It looks great. Our prayers are with you. We love you all very much. Joe, Tina, and Nikki!
Joe, Tina, & Nikki Kennedy <>
Boise, ID USA - Wednesday, January 01, 2003 at 14:06:14 (EST)

Hi My name is Paula Deignan and I am from Australia, - I am now in Denmark. My Aunt researched the name Deignan and We can follow our family tree back to 402ad. in Ireland. There were two brothers in the 1800's who sailed - one to America and one to Australia. If anybody wants to hear more write to me and I will send you some stuff!! If this story sounds like the one your family told you about It would be great if you wrote. take care paula.
paula Deignan <>
copenhagen, denmark - Friday, October 18, 2002 at 13:14:29 (EDT)

BROOKLYN, NY USA - Sunday, October 13, 2002 at 18:25:00 (EDT)

Hi there all you Deignans ! I am Robert Deignan, son of Edward Gerard (Gerry), himself son of Edward Gerard (Snr) who hailed originally from near Loughglynn, Co Roscommon. His father and 6 of his father's brothers served in the R.I.C (Police) .... hope u are all following so far !! The last of the Loughglynn Deignans, James, died in 1998. 2 of his daughters are still living there but the name has now died with Jim. Family records in Loughglynn Church go back to the 1790's. There are very few Deignans in Northern Ireland, just a few families, some in Carrickfergus, but they are not related to us as far as I know. Family names in the past included Martin, James, Andrew, Michael, and Robert. Hope u all find this of some interest. .... P.S Are all the Deignans mad .... or is it just my father ? RSVP!
Robert Deignan <>
Belfast, N.Ireland - Friday, September 20, 2002 at 16:13:38 (EDT)

I thought I'd share a little Deignan anecdote ...Growning up in Worcester, Massachusetts, there were a few other families with a name similar to ours. They spelled their name DEGNAN, so it was pronounced exactly the same as ours. When people would ask my mother questions like, "Are you related to the Degnan's that live in Auburn?", she would answer with, "No. Those are the blind Deignan's ... they have no i's."My mother had a great sense of humor. :-)
Francis Joseph Deignan Jr <>
Shrewsbury, MA USA - Monday, September 09, 2002 at 13:24:10 (EDT)

Greetings from one of the younger Deignan's out there. I'm 19 and attending the University of Illinois. My father(Christopher), grandfather(Joseph), and great-grandfather(Christopher) all hail from a small dairy farm just outside of Lake Geneva Wisconsin.
Walter Joseph Deignan <>
Cary, IL USA - Friday, September 06, 2002 at 03:20:36 (EDT)

Greetings from the West of Ireland. My grandfather Thomas Deignan emigrated from Sligo before WWI with his 2 brothers. He came back they didn't and not much was ever heard of them after. I am setting up my own homepage and I robbed the family crest - hope you don't mind.
Barry Deignan <>
Galway, Ireland - Thursday, August 29, 2002 at 08:55:23 (EDT)

Hi from Denver! It's strange to see pics of sooooo many Deignans, and I don't know any of them! I'm from one of the Deignan clans in the Atlanta area. Had trouble navigating your site,and wonder what part of the country you are from.
Bill Deignan <>
Denver, CO USA - Friday, August 02, 2002 at 19:13:09 (EDT)

I am so proud to see that our family has spread its wings so far. i trust I will get to cross some of your paths when I make the journey from Ireland to America in 2003. Some of you might introduce a distance relative to the american clan.
Sinead Deignan <>
Dublin, Ireland - Friday, August 02, 2002 at 12:17:16 (EDT)

WOW! I thought my family was the only ones with the name deignan. I am 15 years old in San diego. who would have thought there were so many out there!
Joe deignan <>
San Diego, CA USA - Thursday, July 25, 2002 at 19:12:10 (EDT)

Wow so all of you decided to be heard. I was wondering when I'de see my last name start making it big. Well I don't have the red hair or much to make me look Irish at all. But, I still do love to see Ireland. It's a beautiful country and I feel like I'm missing it in my life. I'de also say that I'm one of the youngest Deignan's ( 7 Feb 1981 )and working on carrying on the name. Much love to everyone. Mathew
Aaron Mathew Deignan <>
Stayton, OR USA - Tuesday, July 23, 2002 at 13:08:15 (EDT)

Damn whooda thunk it, there sure is a whole lotta Deignan"s out there.
Patrick Deignan <>
Lowell, MA USA - Thursday, July 11, 2002 at 11:28:55 (EDT)

What a nice site. It was great to see so many of you in the photos. All the best, from one of your Kennedy cousins in Shanghai.
Maida <>
Shanghai, China - Tuesday, June 25, 2002 at 20:42:49 (EDT)

Hello, I am a Deignan originally from Elizabeth, NJ. The Ireland connection is under the name Duignan from County Lietrim and County Roscommon. I am a second/third cousin to the Purdue kicker. I see there are many comments on red haired Deignan's, my two brothers have red hair. The family crest I have shows an owl not a hand, I wonder why there is a difference?
Michael J. Deignan <>
Clinton, NJ USA - Sunday, May 19, 2002 at 17:32:14 (EDT)

Hey Jack!! Did you fall asleep? How about some updates
Frank Deignan <>
Pepperell, Ma USA - Saturday, May 04, 2002 at 08:23:28 (EDT)

Hello - my family name is Deignan (as on my father's birth and baptismal certs.)- my mother simplified it to Dignan.My father is from Rooskey on the Sligo/Mayo border;the church is in Charlestown.Two of his brothers and a sister emigrated to the USA about1915.His mother's surname is Gara.He came to England,and I am one of what is now a large British branch.American Deignans and Garas interested in their ancestry should check out the parish church in Charlestown,Mayo.Incidentally my dad's brother James is on the Ellis Island records;strangely he also dropped the 'e'from Deignan to become Dignan.Search Google for 'Dignan'.
Joe Dignan <>
Liverpool, UK - Friday, April 19, 2002 at 17:57:21 (EDT)

Hi, I'm a Deignan by marriage. My husband Paul's family came from the New Jersey area. My in-laws now live in Las Vegas. We have even heard of a kicker for the Purdue team that was here a couple of years before we got here.
Shawn Deignan <>
Lafayette, IN USA - Sunday, April 14, 2002 at 22:44:33 (EDT)

Didn't quite realise that Deignan was such a popular name. And Why are most of you in the USA? Still nice to see that most of you in the pictures have Red hair!
Shelley Deignan <>
London, England - Sunday, February 17, 2002 at 11:38:45 (EST)

Greetings to All you DEIGNANS out there,I was born and raised on Long Island.My Dad,Peter J. Deignan grew up in Ireland.I've yet to go to the Emerald Isle but will in the near future as my new Bride's family has a home in Ardglass in Northern Ireland.I have 2 brothers,Peter and John and a sister Mary-Ellen.If any of this sounds familiar or you think we may be related Get In Touch !! Be Well !! God Bless!!........Michael J. Deignan.................
Michael J. Deignan <MJDEGS79atAOL.COM>
Hicksville-Long Island, NY USA - Thursday, February 07, 2002 at 13:51:06 (EST)

Hello - was looking for my uncle Paul Joseph Deignan II and this site turned up on my search. Nice to see so many Deignans! I am the granddaughter of Paul Joseph Deignan I of Worcester, MA, he passed away in aprox 1992. His mother Elizabeth (Flynn) Deignan and father were from Ireland, his older sisters Margaret (Deignan) DiSantis, Katherine Deignan and Mary Deignan (I believe were all born in Ireland - grandpa was not. His father died of a burst appendix when he was a toddler. Surviving in our small family clan are My mother (the oldest living Deignan today) Carol Mary Deignan MacKay of Wellfleet, MA, my Aunt Deignan of Atlanta, GA, my sister Laura Ellen MacKayof Alexandria, VA and My Uncle Paul Deignan who lives in GA with his wife Pamela. Their grown kidsare Paul Joseph Deignan III and David Deignan. I have never run across any other Deignans in my travels - it is nice to see the name is more common than I thought.
Heather Elizabeth MacKay <>
Charlottesville, VA USA - Monday, December 03, 2001 at 09:42:05 (EST)

Happy Thanksgiving to all! See you at Christmas.
Andy Deignan <>
Havertown, PA USA - Thursday, November 22, 2001 at 11:51:13 (EST)

hey,I just wondered how many people from england there are with the name deignan!
Jim <>
York, N.Yorks ENGLAND - Sunday, October 21, 2001 at 18:18:16 (EDT)

Greetings from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts! I think it's amazing that there's a DEIGNAN.COM out there! :-)
Frank Deignan <>
Shrewsbury, MA USA - Sunday, October 14, 2001 at 21:22:41 (EDT)

Now I know where all the Deignans are. They are in the USA!I hope all the New York Deignans are ok after last weeks horrible events.I can give you some history about our origins if anyone is interested. Just e-mail me - one at a time! I will do my best.
Robert (Bob) Deignan <>
Dublin, Ireland - Friday, September 21, 2001 at 16:25:56 (EDT)

delighted to know of this site. My twin brother, richard and myself's father was john walter deignan whose family was from just outside Lockport NY. No trace of others from there has ever been brought to our attention. Our family is now all in Chicago. Have seen names of others in upstate NY and would love to know of any connection. Name may have been previously spelled degnan which may disqualify us form this site. The name has undergone a number of iterations form its beginings in Ireland.
robert e. deignan <>
glen ellyn , il USA - Sunday, September 09, 2001 at 10:48:40 (EDT)

Just found your web page. I never realized there were so many Deignan's! Best wishes to you all
Kathleen Deignan-Jordan <>
Staten Island, New York USA - Thursday, September 06, 2001 at 21:28:49 (EDT)

Jack--Thanks to comments from perfect strangers, your guest book is getting pretty full. You should have picked a different name when you entered the witness protection program. Miss ya!
Cyndi Born <>
Scottsdale, AZ USA - Thursday, September 06, 2001 at 00:05:55 (EDT)

Searched under the Deignan name and found your site! My grandfather was John E. Deignan, an engineer who was involved in the design and construction of the San Francisco Bay Model for the Army Corps of Engineers. Our family is certainly making its mark on the world!
Steve Caron <>
Royal Oaks, CA USA - Friday, August 17, 2001 at 01:11:38 (EDT)

Pictures are cute. Pretty baby..Congrats. Guest book very interesting. Am one of the many Deignan's here in Lowell.
Robert Deignan <>
Lowell, MA USA - Friday, August 10, 2001 at 12:54:14 (EDT)

Dear Jack, I totally agree that you should apply for the web page. This site is getting mighty old fast and the only reason the counter changes is because people like me check it every once in a while to see if you have done any work. If it wern't for Jason photos from down under the site would be useless. Even the pics of Dads new boat are old news! Lets get on the stick!
Big Brother Joe <>
Framingham, Ma USA - Wednesday, May 23, 2001 at 16:46:17 (EDT)

Great job on web page. Congratulations to Paul and Marguarite on the birth of Olivia Marie. Hope that Sophia is happy and proud of her sister and will be lots of help to her mother. Keep in touch. Hope all is well in Nahant. Best to all/Fred
Fred Deignan <>
Belmont, Ma USA - Thursday, April 26, 2001 at 07:39:37 (EDT)

Hi Everyone. This site looks great. I will talk to you all soon. Your cousin,-John
John J. Deignan <>
Belmont, Ma USA - Wednesday, April 25, 2001 at 16:17:26 (EDT)

are we related?!!
kirsten deignan <>
dublin, ireland - Saturday, April 14, 2001 at 11:03:50 (EDT)

Lost in Kentucky. We are the Southern relatives of Syracuse and Schenectady, Ny. My grandfather worked for Standard Brands and my father worked for General Electric. Just glad to see a website for Deignans. Good Health to All!
James C. Deignan Jr. <>
Louisville, KY USA - Thursday, March 29, 2001 at 15:56:20 (EST)

At long last! A Deignan from Ireland finally finds it's way on to the guestbook.I don't know why my ancesters never left, but I'm happy to stay at home and watch the 'red hair' gene proliferate throughout the world.
Jarlath Deignan <>
Galway, Ireland - Monday, March 26, 2001 at 18:45:05 (EST)

i waswondering if you knew sherrif Francis j deignan in worceter. i think he was around from the late 50's to the late 70's. My dad was lt. col. francis x deignan USAF.anything ringging a bell. i just thought it was wierd that another deignan family lived in massachussetts. Was your name origionally O'Dwignan. mine was. Irish. oh well if you know any other deignans from worcster please feel free to e-mail me whenever. bye
f. joseph deignan (again) <>
yarmouthport, ma USA - Tuesday, February 27, 2001 at 11:36:53 (EST)

i typed my name in on google and found WOW! i have the same name as you . e-mail me so we can be parters.
Francis Joseph deignan III <>
yarmouthport, MA USA - Tuesday, February 27, 2001 at 11:29:07 (EST)

Hi from the Deignan's in Sioux City...Mike, Cindy, Josh, Jim, Carol, Jeff, Heidi, Caitlyn, Bob, Kathy, Pat, Tim. Enjoyed your site!
Michael Deignan <>
Sioux City, IA USA - Monday, February 26, 2001 at 01:30:35 (EST)

Hi Deignans! Come and visit us at our Yahoo Club at: club allows messages, pictures, chat and lots more. George Deignan is my father-in-law, and now lives in golfing paradise near Pinehurst, NC with his lovely wife Kathleen. Evelyn Deignan is my wife, now Evelyn Marquis - we live in Ottawa Canada. John Deignan is Evelyn's brother and lives in Long Island NY... Cathy Deignan-Sikora and her husband Jim live in Bel Air Maryland. Finally!!! Trish Deignan is the fourth of the family and lives in Southern California.Merry Chritsmas to you all and drop by the Yahoo club Paul
Paul Marquis <>
Ottawa, ON Canada - Saturday, December 23, 2000 at 00:30:28 (EST)

Greetings- I stumbled upon your site during a search for relatives of my father. He was brought up in the New York City area; closest points of reference being Staten Island/Far Rockaway. Regardless of whether or not we are in some way related, it's comforting to find others with the same name!
Ann Marie Deignan <>
Springwater, NY USA - Thursday, December 07, 2000 at 22:10:11 (EST)

I wonder if I am related to any of you? I was attemping to register this domain name when I found out that it was taken. I rarely find anyone with our last name.
Patrick Deignan <>
NJ USA - Thursday, November 30, 2000 at 12:35:37 (EST)

Hi I'm a Deignan
James Deignan <>
Worcester, MA USA - Tuesday, November 21, 2000 at 13:51:59 (EST)

Dear Jack, I had an interesting thought...if it wasn't for Jasons photographs he is sends from Australia, your web page visitor count would be below 25. Its been under construction longer than the Big Dig.
Joseph Deignan <>
framingham, Ma USA - Saturday, November 04, 2000 at 06:20:53 (EST)

Hey!!! Why the hell am I not in this picture! Where's the Don?? Do you fail to see that it is incomplete? I curse you with the revenge of the Dons. Only in America!
Don Deignan
East Hanover, NJ Canada - Monday, October 30, 2000 at 12:11:54 (EST)

Just trying to find out a bit more about the name and stuff. Get in touch if you can tell me more! Also is it me or do all deignans have red hair?
Shelley Eileen Deignan <>
London, england - Thursday, October 05, 2000 at 12:39:04 (EDT)

A very uncommon Irish/German name
Brenda Mary Deignan <>
Jarrow, tyne and Wear England - Friday, September 08, 2000 at 16:05:24 (EDT)

Jack--Nice fish, but Judy's a better catch. I agree with Andy; I'm sure I've seen that fish before. Isn't it a PODOCARP? You should get better security on this site--somehow Russ got in.
Cyndi Born <>
Scottsdale, AZ USA - Wednesday, August 16, 2000 at 23:06:04 (EDT)

Jackson ! I've noticed that you were able to get yourself in a few of the photos. Don't pay attention to Cindy and her remarks on rebooting PONDEROSA. You could have been stuck with PODOCARP! Web site looks good.
Russ Boivin <>
Seabrook, NH USA - Wednesday, August 16, 2000 at 11:11:25 (EDT)

Hey, cousins (gotta be -the old country was not THAT big) nice the see the family name all dot commed. My brother, Rick, and I send our regards.
Robb Deignan <>
Sacramento, CA USA - Tuesday, August 15, 2000 at 01:27:23 (EDT)

Unlce Jack, Thanks for your help with the pictures. The site looks great. It seems that my instalments have brought some serious traffic to the home page! Thanks again! J
Jason Deignan <>
Sydney , NSW Australia - Monday, August 14, 2000 at 03:03:08 (EDT)

Hey Jack, I keep seeing the same fish from trip to trip in all of your pictures. Tell the charter company to get a couple more props on hand so it at least looks like you guys are catching different fish on each trip. It almost seems like the fish are the ones you can buy at Wal Mart that are mounted and talk and sing. You know the one.
Andy Deignan <>
Wayne, PA USA - Tuesday, July 25, 2000 at 09:45:58 (EDT)

The fishing trip looked like it was a blast!!! The only thing I would have changed was maybe pass along an invitation to other family members. Thanks for thinking of me Jack!
Andy Deignan <>
Wayne, PA USA - Tuesday, June 13, 2000 at 19:40:04 (EDT)

The Gainesville, VA Deignans (Dan, Kristina and Griffin) are doing fine.
Daniel Deignan <>
Gainesville, VA USA - Saturday, June 10, 2000 at 16:06:47 (EDT)

Yeah, I know , thanx uncle pAUL!!!
Joey <>
Framingham, ma USA - Thursday, May 04, 2000 at 19:00:52 (EDT)

Jack--Cute wife! Thanks for providing another way for me to tell you to stop rebooting PONDEROSA! You'll go blind you know. Have Judy read this to you.
Cyndi Born <>
Scottsdale, AZ USA - Friday, April 28, 2000 at 21:01:03 (EDT)

Hey Joey, You should learn how to use the CAPS lock key when you type! That way you are not writing email that lOOKS lIKE tHIS!
Paul Deignan <>
Wayne, PA USA - Monday, March 06, 2000 at 15:27:16 (EST)

fRAM, mA USA - Monday, February 21, 2000 at 11:58:04 (EST)

For a family that has made it's name in the construction business, I am very disappointed in the amount of time this site has been under construction! I hope everyone is doing well! I would like to scare each of you by informing you that I have procreated and am now the proud father of a two month old baby girl whose name is Catherine Alexandra. Take care......Chris
Chris Coveney <>
Waltham, MA USA - Wednesday, February 16, 2000 at 13:41:28 (EST)